2022 Annual Report

Dear Beloved Community,

I am honored to share this Annual Report to highlight the important work Nazun students and community members have accomplished in the past year.  As we complete our 18th year since being founded by Eli Winkelman as Challah for Hunger, we celebrate our achievements and have an eye toward the future. With our new Strategic Plan for 2023-2025 in hand, and results from program evaluations and student surveys, we are eager to create a world alive with changemakers working collectively to end hunger and solve other urgent social challenges in our communities. 

When you are asked in the world to come, ‘What was your work?’ and you answer, ‘I fed the hungry’ you will be told, ‘This is the gate of the Lord; enter into it, YOU who have fed the hungry.’”(Midrash- Jewish Parable) 

This Report will summarize the work of Nazun college Chapters fighting to end college hunger in 23 states, community sites bringing all ages together for tikkun olam, advocacy work that has moved the needle on college hunger, and Nazun’s growth as an organization and network. Through Jewish Life, Leadership Development, and Community, our inclusive programs continue to uplift thousands of individuals each year.   

I am humbled to do this work alongside you,

Rebecca Bar