Chapter Spotlight: Binghamton University

The guest blogger this week is Mallory Hirschfeld, the events coordinator of CfH at Binghamton University. CfH at Binghamton hosted the 1st Annual “Challah for Hunger Games” this past month. The event was both fun, mission driven and engaging in campus outreach.

The goal of the “Challah for Hunger Games” event  was to bring together multiple clubs and organizations on campus for an exciting, challenging day that would raise money and awareness for a beneficial cause. Following The Hunger Games theme, all of the teams competed for the best challah flavor. Instead of donating half of our profits that week to our local organization, we decided to let the winners choose a non-profit that they are passionate about.

In the heat of the competition, the competitors, called “tributes”, had to use only the provided ingredients (chocolate chips, cereal, avocado, potato chips, icing, etc), to create an original and tasty challah that we would be able to sell.

While the event was all fun and games during the making and braiding of their creations, we wanted to instill some advocacy and our mission of baking of difference with the numerous competitors. As the challahs were baking, the “tributes” played Jeopardy. The advocacy component of the game included questions from the two organizations we donate to on a weekly basis: MAZON and the Food Bank of the Southern Tier, as well as general hunger facts. The game also had other fun categories including information from The Hunger Games and about our school community.

We really enjoyed this event because we were able to bring our community together not only for fun, but in order to benefit our community at large. The winners were Team China, with a winning savory flavor of Challah-liuah (tomatoes, avocados, chips and Caribbean Jerk) – the flavor sold out! The team donated to the non-profit